Inbox-almost-zero in 2016


Above is the Mac Mail app and Things, a task manager I use to track what I need to do each day.

At this time in 2015, the number on the Mail app would have been likely over 100, and Things probably wouldn’t have even been open, since I had given up using it effectively sometime in 2014.

Sometime in the second half of 2015, I realized I wasn’t being strict enough with myself about ensuring I knew what I wanted to get done each day.  I turned to Things, took an evening to organize a bunch of the little tasks and ideas I had jotted down over the last year, and started using it as the GTD method intends:

Something in the “Today” bucket (which drives the number in red) should only be there if it truly needs to get done.  It isn’t a prioritized wishlist – the “Today” view should simply be the absolute bare minimum.  If you get nothing else accomplished today, what MUST be accomplished?

By being diligent and keeping my expectations reasonable, I’ve kept my Things’ Today list and Mail Inbox at a manageable quantity throughout  the first 18 days of the year.

I’m unreasonably proud of this fact.

Here’s to hoping the next 348 days (it’s a leap year) follow that same pattern!

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